My name is Kamea, and I will be your Hawaii Destinations Guide.

Hawaii Destinations guide beckons explorers to discover the activities, sights, accommodations, transit options, nearby attractions, excursions, festivities and the indigenous customs of these enchanted isles.

The archipelago of Hawaii comprises nineteen islands and atolls, of which the following six are popular for vacations and getaways:


Oahu holds the State Capitol and the majority of Hawaii’s inhabitants. It is the most prevalent destination in the Hawaiian chain, where guests can relish the cultural luxuries of Honolulu or seek peace and tranquility outside of Waikiki.


The Big Island. Hawaii is large enough to contain 11 of the world’s 13 climatic regions and houses active volcanoes on the southeast coast.


The Valley Isle. Maui is the second largest island in the chain and boasts some of the most exquisite beaches worldwide. Humpback whales frequent Maui shores in the winter months.


A genuine island escape for luxury, romance and seclusion. Lanai is a perfect travel destination for those who want to avoid the crowds.


The Garden Isle. Kauai is the oldest island in the chain, blessed with a striking, natural beauty. It is also one of the smaller islands with a serene ambiance and splendid sandy beaches.


The Friendly Isle. An island that has maintained its ties with the past. This is the place to unwind, relax and live like one of the “locals.”