Weed Bong

Weed bong is one type of water bongs, which is quite similar to the water pipes. Just like any other regular water pipes, but the only difference is the pipes have hoses and the bong does not have.

It looks exactly like the water pipe, if one look at one glance, he may not know the difference. Both the weed bong and water pipe serve the same purpose, they are used to smoke herbs like cannabis, marijuana, weed and other soft drugs. The weed bong can be used as the water pipe to filter the unwanted chemical through the water inside the bowl, it does not take in the smoke directly to the mouth.

The secret of filtering the smoke through the water is nothing special, the smoke floating up inside the water due to the pressure difference between smoke and water. When using weed bong, you need to put in pure herb instead of normal tobacco as this bong has more efficient than the normal pipe, use the lesser herb to get the optimum smoking sensation.

The water inside the bowl also treated as a cooling agent to reduce the temperature of the heating. The vapor produced by the heating element is too hot for the lung and mouth if inhale directly. At the same time, the water can filter toxic carcinogenic substance like tar and THC.

If you browse through the online stores, there are a lot of weed bongs made in various colors, shapes, designs and materials. To compare the quality and price, one needs to shop around and choose the best quality and guaranteed discounted prices.


If I said Vaporizer is an important tool for one’s healthy lifestyles, you may not agree. But looking back all the smokers around me, including myself, there are many people knowing that smoking is dangerous to health, but there are still many can’t stop it.

Today vaporizer pipe is invented to give you a great way to get the benefit of the herbal and organic medicaments without your lung suffering the burning effect. According to the Marijuana Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study from the Newsletter of Multidisciplinary Association, water pipes do not protect its smokers from harmful tar in marijuana, but vaporizers do. The main reason is although waterpipes filter out more psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from tars, but it requires the smoker to consume more smoke in order to achieve their desired effect. This ends up smoking through waterpipes does not reduce the effect of THC and other harmful toxins in marijuana smoke, but other methods such as vaporizers or oral ingestion will help to avoid the active ingredient in marijuana.

The study itself supported by Drug Policy Foundation was successfully conducted in a research lab, together with other expertise in various chemical properties of tobacco and marijuana analysis. 7 devices were tested, which included regular rolled joint, 3 different waterpipes, a joint with a cigarette filter and 2 vaporizers. The first vaporizer produced in Canada stands out to trap the marijuana vapor under the metal hot plate inside a jar.