Toro Bong


I’m not sure about this, Toro to me is the best part of a fish. This toro bong is definitely as pretty as the fish’s toro. Whether it is local made or outside New York area, the quality of a toro bong is still good and cheaper as compare with the other bongs series.

Some says the toro bong is even better than the PHX bong. Well, I would say different people may have different perception. The bong is measuring 5ml at 20” length, together with ash catcher and diffuser, the bong can be sold in the range of $150 to $200 with the olive label and sand blasted wording.

So which one you like the most? The brand names or features? Choosing between a stemless disk bong with a circ arc or a fixed stem 8 arms with circ arc? Hard to decide, huh? For me, it is simple. More chamber tubes is better than lesser. If I find one that has 13 arms, I’m pretty sure to buy it on-the-spot without hesitation.

I saw some reviews on the toro bongs, maybe I can share them here for your opinion.

–       1-circ/circ hands down. A simple yet smoother taste when you try to inhale it due to you can’t feel the difference if you inhale anything ever smoother than this

–       2 single chamber disc. It could be too big for one hand grip, but you can see the difference when you clean up the glass. The diffuser is definitely working better than one.

–       More than 3 disc/circ. I bet you spend too much time to admire the beauty of the bong than using it all the time. First, it is difficult to clean as many chambers get dirty after every use. Of course it is rather amazing to show off these little monster to your friends when they are visiting your home often.