Smoking problems

We know the pain and problem of smoking; however we can’t help to quit smoking as those who are heavy smoker and regular smoker. Some of the common problems with the smokers are oral cancer, gum disease, bad breath, nicotine addiction, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and emphysema.

We do understand how smoking can damage our bodies in monumental ways. On the other hand, quitting smoking could lead to other problems as complained by many smokers who stops smoking, such as indigestion, gas or flatulence, heartburn, nausea, constipation and diarrhea. Besides the digestion problem, other respiratory problems such as sinus congestion, hoarseness, cough, phlegm and throat clearing.

Facts and Causes of smoking habits

The number one killer of smoking is causing lung cancer. If someone tells you that he lives over 5 decades of heavy smoking habit, but did not detect any cancer yet. Most probably he’s telling a lie or he can’t live longer. Besides lung cancer, smoking causes many related cancers and illness such as cardiovascular disease, emphysema and chronic lung diseases. The problem with the burning of cigarette is it burns at 700 °C at the tip and about 60°C in the core, hence break down the tobacco to produce 400 toxic substances. The only way to avoid the toxin is not to let the tobacco burning.


Vaporization is the only solution where low temperature is used to extract the purest content of the herbal ingredients, where it helps the lung to absorb the substances through inhalation and even disperse to the entire body by reaching the blood stream faster.

Your lung will not feel “burn” by the high temperature, hence no damage to your body during inhalation. The vaporizer pipe is using a controlled low temperature to extract the active ingredient in the herbal without relying on an intermediate which may cause disease during transmission.

This is the natural way how the herbs should be consume, preserve the most original flavor of the tobacco. Vaporation is a burning process without any by-product which often present in cigarette smoke, at the same time polluting the environment.

The benefit of Vaporizer Pipe

Vaporizer pipe is a great choice for smoker, portable, moderate or heavy smokers, it produces dense vapor through low temperature without burning the herbal directly. The working principle is simple, , heating the herbal using hot air via convection technology, blowing through a disk implanted with herbs, release full flavor and active ingredients that give you a “kick” taste without burning the plant.


According to one of the journal published in, eighteen healthy patients enrolled for a vaporization testing with a standard cigarette.  The objective was to investigate the effectiveness of vaporization through a vaporizer. Found that 6.8% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was assigned to every patient for a 6 days study. The outcomes were CO levels reduced with vaporization through the pipe, physiologic and neuropsychologic effects expired and no occurrence of adverse effects.

The conclusion is vaporization of herbal is a safe and effective method of delivery of THC. Using a vaporizer pipe for vaporization is a good smokeless delivery system.

Buy now and enjoy the real tobacco flavor without the “burning effect” and make it a truly portable vaporizer to anywhere and anytime you can enjoy.