Ceramic Bongs

Bongs have been used and favored by the residents of Laos and Thailand for over centuries. It is name after the Thai’s baung which is a cylindrical bamboo water pipe that is used for smoking. Bong also known as waterpipe as it is a filtration device that is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis and other substances just like a Hookah. However, bong is smaller and more travel-friendly as compared to Hookah.  What make Bong more special than a Hookah is Bong comes in various shapes and material such as Glass Bongs and Ceramic Bongs.

As Christmas is associated with beautiful and colourful ornaments and decorations, this breakable Bongs which are well known for their amazing colours and sophisticated designs are simply the best choice. The Bongs like its name are made from quality and durable ceramics which are safe and easy to use giving you a higher sensation in smoking. Besides that, majority of the smoking Bongs are man-made and thus making your water Bong a remarkable and incomparable one. In fact, you can find various unique designed Ceramic Bongs, for instances, Some Bongs in a globe design, a statue, human’s body figure and more in various sizes, from the height of 10 cm up to 50 cm. Of course, this special bong also come in various prices, ranging from USD 5.00 to USD 100.00 to fit your budget.

Last but not least, Ceramic Bongs also make a beautiful decoration that is so adorable and gorgeous to stare on. This is made the unique Bongs a collectable item too!